The Singularity… What Is It and Why Should You Care?

A Thought-Provoking Session Vital to Every Decision Clients Make, the Advisors Make, and Financial Service Leaders and Firms Make

What if there was an impending and enormously significant world event on the horizon that has the potential to radically alter everything you and your clients believe to be true about your futures? How would that impact their financial choices?

How could you harness this knowledge to be one of the best Financial Advisors in the world? How would that help you make more money, get better clients, and have better work/life balance?

Discover how you can create a business that’s agile, adaptable, and flexible enough to generate more business revenue now AND for decades to come.

The ideas discussed in this thought-provoking session could substantially shift all of your future plans to serve your clients, run your business, and be vital to every life decision you make.

The Singularity is proving to be the single, most significant event of our entire lives, with massive implications for clients and their financial choices. Firms, their leaders, and Advisors who ignore the predictable disruptions drive by The Singularity are almost certainly breaching their fiduciary obligation to their clients and… are likely… to be… ERASED. Advisors and leaders leave this presentation, knowing what The Singularity is, make better business decisions, and more effectively serve their clients.

The Singularity


Bill Bachrach is a long-time industry thought-leader and on the adjunct faculty of Singularity University. In this thought-provoking presentation, Bill will help you understand what The Singularity is and unpack the probable implications for clients, Advisors, and firms so you can make smart strategic decisions to prepare and thrive for decades to come.

This presentation will guide audience members to answer these questions:

  • What is the Singularity?
  • Why should clients care, and what should they do?
  • Why should Advisors care, and what should they do?
  • Why should leaders care, and what should they do?

Bill Bachrach Always Delivers

Bill Bachrach brings great value to his audiences, with take-home-and-put-to-use-today techniques and strategies. I would highly recommend Bill to any organization that wants to grow and succeed.

Bruce Dickes

Financial Brokerage, Inc.

You really nailed it. Your keynote delivered exactly what we wanted, and you did a great job pulling together the audience on a very pertinent topic.

Mark Tapling

CEO, Docupace

I own an RIA with 50 affiliated Financial Advisors. I got to know Bill over recent years while attending his Values-Based Financial Planning Academies where he has trained a number of our Advisors in Values-Based Financial Planning. Bill is an outstanding trainer/speaker and is an impact player in the financial services industry. Values-Based Financial Planning delivers a better experience for the client… and a better life for the advisor. Our advisors who implement Values-Based Financial Planning… are our most successful. If you want to be a high-trust financial advisor… Bill’s training is the best that I’ve seen.

Ben Carroll

The Cambridge Lagacy Group

We had the privilege of having Bill Bachrach as our Keynote Speaker and many of our advisers were inspired to serve their clients at a higher level by offering a full-service practice that took a holistic approach to financial planning. Our advisers learned that they needed to have a client-centered Value Proposition in order to serve their clients better and grow their business. We thank Bill for his message and his ability to inspire us to build a better practice for our clients.

Brent Owens

CFD Investments, Inc.

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