The Art of Building High-Trust Client Relationships

Move the Needle on the “Trust Dial” in the Right Direction

The single most important thing that has to happen for people to do business together is… TRUST. Especially when it comes to money. Yet, most Financial Advisors really don’t know why people trust them, why people don’t trust them, or how to consistently build High-Trust Client Relationships… on-purpose.

Advisors leave this presentation understanding exactly what to say and do to consistently establish High-Trust Client Relationships.

  • Examples illustrating patterns of how successful Advisors move the needle on the “trust dial” to the maximum.
  • 3 keys to speaking the “Language of Trust.”
  • Common mistakes financial professionals make that unwittingly move the needle on the “trust dial” in the wrong direction.
  • Great questions that move the needle on the “trust dial” in the right direction.
  • Inspiration about why this is a great business and why you should be the most successful Financial Professional you can be
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The participants will leave this session with more clarity about why trust is so crucial, what to do to move the needle on the “trust dial” in the right direction with existing clients and more rapidly establish trust with prospective clients, how to implement immediately in the real world, and inspiration to implement.

The impact of deliberately building a high-trust client relationship is quickly evident by clients who are:

  • More willing to pay for financial planning and advice.
  • More assets gathered.
  • Clients who implement the Advisor’s advice.
  • Clients who are more inclined to refer.

Bill Bachrach Always Delivers

If you want to give your Advisors a great experience that they can use in today’s world, you need to hire Bill.

Mike Ankers

Director of National Sales, Richardson GMP

You really nailed it. Your keynote delivered exactly what we wanted, and you did a great job pulling together the audience on a very pertinent topic.

Mark Tapling

CEO, Docupace

We had the privilege of having Bill Bachrach as our Keynote Speaker and many of our advisers were inspired to serve their clients at a higher level by offering a full-service practice that took a holistic approach to financial planning. Our advisers learned that they needed to have a client-centered Value Proposition in order to serve their clients better and grow their business. We thank Bill for his message and his ability to inspire us to build a better practice for our clients.

Brent Owens

CFD Investments, Inc.

Thank you for a powerful and impactful presentation. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Cody Foster

Advisors Excel

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