Mastering Client Acquisition

Work Fewer Hours, Acquire the RIGHT Clients, and Make More Money

Are you an established Advisor stuck in the “mediocre middle” of $200k – 500k / year, working too many hours, for too little money, for too many of the wrong clients? You need a breakthrough!!

Chances are very high that the current approach of most of your Advisors to client acquisition practically guarantees that they will either work too many hours or make too little money or try to serve too many of the wrong clients… or all 3. Ironically, most Advisors want exactly the opposite. Advisors leave this presentation, knowing exactly what to do to Master Client Acquisition.

Most Advisors work too many hours, for too little money, for too many of the wrong clients.

Too little money, too many work hours, and too many of the wrong clients did not happen by accident, and this problem will NOT fix itself.

In this keynote, Bill shares case studies, stories, and examples of what the best Advisors do well and what most Advisors are doing wrong.

The Singularity 2


In addition to getting the clearest and most concise definition of “client acquisition” you’ve ever heard, you will discover the answers to 4 vital questions:

  • Who should be your target client, and why?
  • Why is it easy to “steal” (rescue, as we prefer to say) the best clients from established Advisors?
  • What’s the BIG mistake that most Advisors make and what to do about it?
  • What are the keys to successful Client Acquisition, like where to find higher-net-worth prospects?

Bill Bachrach Always Delivers

Bill conducted another outstanding presentation for my Advisors and the ratings were very high, as I expected. He is ‘spot on’ with helping them be crystal clear about their value promise to clients and prospective clients. Their value promise and them delivering on that promise defines what they can charge clients and clients will gladly pay for that experience.

Neil Ouditt

National Managing Director, Associate Advisor Program, Advisory Services, Manulife

That was the best presentation I’ve heard in 15 years of attending meetings. I took 5 pages of notes. I’ve never taken so many notes!

Leo Prouix

President , Money Concepts Financial Planning Center

Thank you for a powerful and impactful presentation. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Cody Foster

Advisors Excel

We had the privilege of having Bill Bachrach as our Keynote Speaker and many of our advisers were inspired to serve their clients at a higher level by offering a full-service practice that took a holistic approach to financial planning. Our advisers learned that they needed to have a client-centered Value Proposition in order to serve their clients better and grow their business. We thank Bill for his message and his ability to inspire us to build a better practice for our clients.

Brent Owens

CFD Investments, Inc.

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